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Mobile Massage Therapy in St. Louis, MO

Relax St. Louis is a mobile massage therapy clinic, we can treat you and your office to a therapeutic experience that promotes wellness and increases productivity. Treat your office to a relaxing chair massage; we will help to promote relaxation while providing education on matters of the mind, body, healing, and overall health. We go directly to offices, universities, churches, or other places of employment to help promote wellness and pain relief. 

Relax St. Louis

Promote a Healthy Mind and Body

  • Treat both your mind and body with massage therapy in your workplace. Prevent aches and pains that can occur from chronic stress.
  • Eradicate the stress in the back and neck with the  a chair massage. We’ll relieve tension using techniques such as kneading and compression.
  • Promote a less stressful environment with an all-natural, safe form of pain management.
  • Customize the number of sessions and duration you’re wanting to give to your employees. We have many options to suit your needs

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